Here you can find Caviar Catering’s sample menus. If you do not find a menu you like, please contact us. We are happy to put together a menu that takes into account all your wishes and preferences.

Snacks and Refreshments I

Canapé with trout carpaccio and rocket, spinach-lime fresh cheese cream

Smoked salmon mousse with a Parmesan chip

Tartlet with shrimp-avocado tar-tar

A snack of pork fillet stuffed with cheese and prunes

Canapé with marinated pork tongue and horseradish cream

Beef confit with sun-dried tomatoes

Brandy-flavoured chicken liver pate in a vol-au-vent

Orange-flavoured duck carpaccio

Bruschetta with home-marinated champignons and goat cheese cream

Celery sticks with hazelnut-flavoured fresh cheese

Price per person: 12,09 € + VAT


Snacks and Refreshments II

Canapé with salted trout and wasabi cream

Canapé with lightly salted salmon and saffron-lime cream

Chilli and lime marinated tiger prawns

Traditional herring-potato-black bread canapé

Mini sticks of ham, cheese and cherry tomatoes

Beef tar-tar with red onion

Marinated grilled chicken fillet with creamy Caesar dressing

Canapé with chicken-bacon-blue cheese roulade, orange marmalade

Spring rolls with spinach-cheese stuffing

Quiche Lorraine with vegetables

Price per person: 11,88 € + VAT


Snacks and Refreshments III

Vol-au-vent with trout roe and fresh cheese-dill cream

Canapé with cold-smoked salmon fillet and saffron-marinated pear

Quail eggs stuffed with pike roe and mango cream

A snack of smoked eel and quail egg with herb cream

Herb-marinated butterfish, fresh cheese-basil cream

Black bread canapé with a miniature pork jelly, mustard cream

Beef medallion with gherkins and onion marmalade

Chicken-bacon terrine with marinated cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomato-mozzarella tartlet with fresh basil

Cheese-sesame balls with a piece of strawberry

Price per person: 14,06 € + VAT


Buffet I

Cold buffet 745 g/person


Lightly salted salmon fillet with champagne jelly,

black currant- lemon dressing

Herb-marinated butterfish carpaccio, tomato-basil cream

Pikeperch fillet rosettes with vegetable julienne

Pork fillet paté roulade stuffed with cheese and prunes, smoky prune-apple dressing

Rosemary and honey flavoured beef with orange-onion mousse

Poppy seed coated chicken Gordon Bleu, applesauce

Duck fillet in Grand Marnier, saffron pears

Quiche Lorraine with vegetables

Vegetables stuffed with mushrooms, onions and cheese (peppers, champignons, Savoy cabbage, zucchini)

Farfalle salad with tomatoes and cured ham, olive-pesto dressing

Smoked chicken salad with celery and apples

Green salad of string beans, tomatoes, goat cheese and herb oil

Fruit salad

Bun selection, herb butter

Price per person: 12,10 € + VAT


Buffet II

Cold buffet 500 g/person


Smoked salmon glazed with home garden berries, lime

Fried marinated herring fillet with cheese stuffing


Pork jelly with mustard cream

Minced beefsteak with tomato and cheese

Grilled chicken thigh in tandoori-mango marinade, garlic-tomato dip

Mini dumplings with duck and chicken meat stuffing, chive-sour cream dressing


Quiche Lorraine with vegetables

Fresh pickles


Layered beetroot and egg salad with herring fillet

Asian chicken-teriyaki salad with rice noodles

Fruit salad


Bun selection, herb butter

Warm buffet 490 g/person


Classic oven roast pork, mustard-honey dressing

Chicken fillet-champignon ragout in white wine sauce

Boiled potatoes with dill and butter

Steamed seasonal vegetables

Price per person:  12,71 € + VAT


Buffet III

Cold buffet 520 g/person


Lightly salted salmon fillet with champagne jelly,

black currant-lemon dressing

Herring selection in mustard, beetroot and dill marinade


Teriyaki and sweet chilli marinated pork sticks, mango-chilli dressing

Beef roulade in pastry with champignons and onion, sweet mustard-teriyaki dressing

Chicken-cranberry roulade in honey-mustard-curry sauce

Duck carpaccio with rocket and sun-dried tomatoes


Vegetables with mushroom, onion and cheese stuffing (peppers, champignons, Savoy cabbage, zucchini)

Vegetable spring rolls, sweet-and-sour chilli dressing


Tuna-pasta salad with black olives and tomatoes

Vinaigrette with beetroot and chicken fillet

Lettuce with grilled vegetables


Bun selection, herb butter


Warm buffet 490 g/person


Sticks of white fish and vegetables, tomato-plum-lemon dressing

Tandoori and curry flavoured chicken fillet rolls with coconut milk dressing

Oven-baked potato wedges with thyme

Grilled vegetables with herbs

Price per person:  15,86 € + VAT


Buffet IV

Cold buffet 545 g/person


Salmon tournedos wrapped in bacon, Aioli-dill dressing

Cold-smoked halibut fillet, smoky honey dressing

Rollmops with Parisian potatoes

Exotic seafood terrine (shrimp, octopus, squid, red fish, white fish)


Crisp grissinis with Parma ham

Rosemary and honey-flavoured beef with orange-onion mousse

Poppy seed coated chicken Gordon Bleu, applesauce

Duck fillet in Grand Marnier, saffron pears


Nori rolls with cucumber and chicken liver paté

Homemade vegetable chips (carrot, tomato, beetroot, parsnip, potato, black salsify)


Butterfish carpaccio salad with rocket and sun-dried tomatoes

Grilled vegetable salad with roast beef, tex-mex sauce

Caesar salad with grilled chicken fillet and a bacon chip

Cherry tomato-mozzarella salad


Bun selection, herb butter


Warm buffet 490 g/person


Sea perch fillet coated in sesame seeds, Aioli dressing

Marinated beef roulade with wild mushrooms, cowberry sauce

Creamy Parisian potatoes

Vegetable wok

Price per person:  23,46 € + VAT


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